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Tuesday, 21 April 2015 00:40
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Reconditioning a Generator: Our Quality Process

Reconditioning marine generators and motors is our specialty, and over time we have worked out a process that results in a finished product that is better than new.

When we receive a generator to be refurbished, it is usually because we already send the customer a restored, rewired generator for the customer to replace their old, faulty unit. We have a large stock of marine generators and motors that makes it possible for us to ship out a restored generator right away as part of our unique Rewind Exchange (link to page) program.

Our 10 Steps To Quality Reconditioning
1. Inspect the generator or motor to ensure that it can be properly restored.
2. Clean the generator to get rid of dirt and corrosion.
3. Remove all winding on parts. This must be replaced.
4. Restore all parts to quality condition.
5. Rewind the stator and armature, the main working parts that produce the energy. At Broward Armature and Generator, we use higher quality wiring and components than the original factory used. This is part of why our reconditioned generators are “better than new”.
6. Insulate the rewound unit by painting the parts with a special, marine grade varnish that coats and protects the winding.
7. Varnish Dip – We impregnate the generator by actually dipping the entire generator into a vat of varnish to ensure that the insulation covers every part.
8. Bake the generators in an oven at high temperatures to cure the insulation.
9. Test the reconditioned generator at our test bed under the specified load that it should be able to carry.
10. Re-Inspect the completed, rewound generator to ensure that it is completed to quality standards.
11. Pack the reconditioned generator in protective packing material that molds to the shape, ensuring that the unit will not be damaged in shipping.
12. Inventory the reconditioned generators and motors so that they are ready to go when a customer calls for the particular unit.

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